Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day

Maddie and did a little Ground Hog Day activity this morning and visited our little furry friend at

I found this ground hog print out last week and really wanted to do something with it so this is what we came up with.
Materials: ground hog printed on cardstock, green cardstock, scrap cardboard, glue, 1 small and 1 large popsicle stick, scrap paper, crayons, glue

Before we started the project I wrote 'Early Spring!' and '6 More Weeks of Winter!' on two scraps of paper that I made a little sign out of with a popsicle stick.

Maddie had fun breaking out the crayons to color her little furry friend. Then we hopped on the computer to find out the results! Phil saw his shadow so we glued the '6 More Weeks of Winter' sign on to his hill. We also glued a big popsicle stick to the back of Phil with an extra piece of cardstock to make him a little less flimsy.

And our end results! Funny enough we are due for more snow tomorrow!

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