Monday, February 2, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Recently I stumbled upon Her Cup Overfloweth by Michelle and absolutely loved her Muffin Tin Monday idea! This Monday was scheduled to be Yellow food day so Maddie and I stopped by the salad bar at Stop & Shop on Saturday. I asked her to find as many yellow foods as she could on the salad bar and we were able to get yellow peppers, pineapple and yellow squash (all for 45 cents!).

1st row: yellow bell peppers with dip, pineapple chunks, yellow squash with parm cheese
2nd row: half of a banana, macaroni and cheese, yellow M&Ms
We just so happened to have white grape juice in the fridge that is yellow too!

Maddie was so excited to see a whole tray full of yellow foods! She said her favorite was the macaroni and cheese!

Thanks Michelle! We can't wait for next Monday!


Michelle Sybert said...

Could she be any cuter??!!

I like the yellow peppers with the dip in the same cup...I think I will do that next!

Bella's Bowtique said...

OMG, I love this! What a cool idea!!!!

Kayce said...

what a great tin! looks like you have a knack for this!

Shannon said...

I love your idea of using color themes for your muffin tin Mondays. Maybe my little guys will try some new foods this way! We'll have to try it out soon. Thanks!