Thursday, February 12, 2009

Churn Baby Churn!

So I was flipping through Parent's magazine the other night and saw an article about cooking with kids. Maddie absolutely LOVES to cook with me so I figured I could get some great advice. Low and behold I found out how absolutely easy it is to make butter! During our grocery shopping trip today we picked up a tiny carton of heavy cream and worked our magic to make butter!

You start with heavy cream and a plastic container. I love it already! Only one ingredient!

Fill the container about 1/3 full to make sure you have plenty of room to shake!

And now it's time to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! We all took turns shaking the container.

When you no longer hear a sloshing sound you have made whipped cream! Have a taste!

Keep shaking! After awhile you won't hear much of anything but keep shaking! Then you should hear a little thud. I only took one picture during this process but we drained out the liquid (buttermilk!) a few times and kept shaking. Once there is only a little bit of liquid left and it looks like have butter!

Time to rinse off the remaining buttermilk in cold water.

And the final product! Maddie was absolutely amazed!

Next we sprinkled the butter with a little salt and Maddie mixed it all up.

Time to taste test! We opted for crackers, raspberry jam and the butter of course!

Tasty snack!

Maddie thought it was great and wanted more!


BranFlakes said...

That is GREAT! We are planning on making butter next week for Bb week, thanks for refreshing my memory on how to do it!

Anonymous said...

I love Maddie's face in the last pic! Thanks for the idea, Man!