Thursday, February 12, 2009

Garden of Love

To finish up our week of hearts (yes I know it's only Thursday but we won't be home tomorrow!) we made a garden of flowers! Maddie was so excited to see that you can make flowers out of hearts and I must admit it is awfully nice to see spring displayed on my windows!

I used a cookie cutter to trace a TON of hearts earlier in the week so we used all the leftover hearts for the flower petals. Then I used a can of cooking spray to trace a good size circle for the center. And green cardstock finished us off for the stems. Besides that we used crayons, glittery glue and a regular glue stick.

Maddie went crazy coloring on all of the hearts, her current favorite shape.

I used three to four hearts for each flower and then two circles for each one (I was displaying them on windows so I wanted them to looking good from both sides).

And now we have a Garden of Love!