Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pinterest Crafting {Growth Chart Ruler}

Knowing that in a few short months I get to pack up our house and start all over again in a new one is exciting! Moving every few years is probably my favorite part of being a Navy family. New sights, new friends, new places to explorer... a new house!

When we moved here to Virginia we had just moved out of brand spanking new housing in Connecticut so I was less than excited to see my three years here would be spent in an old house with the worst kitchen linoleum and horrible lighting. Well this summer we took a vacation up to Connecticut to visit family and had a chance to walk through what will soon be our new home. Its gorgeous! So white! So clean! So open! As soon as we got home I started a new Pinterest board just for our new house. Now while hubby is away at sea I am pushing my real responsibilities aside and crafting for the new house.

My friend Michelle was asking me for some advice on making her own wooden growth chart so I took it as a sign to make one for myself too and boy am I happy I did. You can find them on Etsy for upwards of $100 and pretty close in price at Pottery Barn but I'm happy to report I spent $4 on mine.

Hubby's garage is a wealth of woodcraft supplies so I pilfered some wood stain and only needed to buy myself a 6 foot wood board to complete the project.

The most time consuming part of the whole project was drawing on the markings and numbers and I still didn't spend more than an hour doing it. I went the super easy route and used a Sharpie for all the markings. I'm hoping this holds up but I figure I can always touch it up with a Sharpie in the future.

I used a yard stick to measure out my lines and used painters tape to make sure all my lines were even and straight. I printed my numbers and then used a pen to sort of engrave in the wood the number outline so I only had to trace over it with the marker. I am beyond thrilled with how my ruler came out!

I love the thought of having this in my house years from now where I can measure and mark my grandkids right next to my kids!

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