Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall photo shoot

I think I can officially say fall has finally arrived here in Virginia. Of course now that I say that it will be 90 degrees again next week. With the weather cooler and the leaves beginning to change color I decided it was time to get some nice pictures of the girls for Christmas gifts. Insert maniacal laughing here. Getting the girls dressed, clean, happy and good pictures is pretty much impossible but we still had fun and I managed to get a few good ones to chose from.

i love the side eyes and tongue hanging out

it boggles my mind that M feels the need to twist herself like a pretzel and pose
i said HUG me! GET OVER HERE!
ain't gonna happen
ohh rocks. looks like fun!
where did my baby go??
rocks are so much fun
actually not that bad
love em


Sandy Adams said...

They have grown so much!

vindiebaby said...

Love those pictures :)
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