Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painted Pumpkins

Every single year without fail Madison decides she wants some crazy elaborate pumpkin carved which isn't that big of a deal I suppose but the problem is she refuses to help because its 'grooooooosssss'. Which means dear old mom gets to gut, clean and carve the pumpkin. Times 2. You know what with the second kid wandering around the house now. This year I put my foot down and said no pumpkin guts for us.

I covered the kitchen table with craft paper and let the kids go wild with some acrylic paints on their pumpkins and dare I say I love them so much more than carved pumpkins. No aching hand for me and no rotten pumpkins the day after they get carved. Winning.

Earlier in the week I let Zoey paint for the first time so she was super excited to discover she would get to do it again and on a giant pumpkin for that matter. Maddie worked for a good hour or so painting not one, not two but three different princesses on her pumpkin.

Minimal mess and happy kids!


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