Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pancake Picnic

The hubs was out of town come dinner time the other night so I decided to surprise the girls with a special pancake picnic outside! The weather was GORGEOUS and the girls were thrilled with the change of scenery! Dinner may not have been the healthiest but a special treat once in a while is awfully special.

 While Maddie was at school I whipped up a batch of pancake with sprinkles so they only needed to be reheated come dinner time. Hello toaster, lets be friends!

 I dove into my way too large collection of glass jars and found two old jam jars to dip in chocolate and sprinkles. Perfect for milk.

 Mini mason jars filled with vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries and banana were a welcome addition to the table too.

 Pancake with whipped cream and sprinkles! Yum!

 Just chilling with some pancakes.

A old wooden crate and some scraps of fabric made a perfect little table.

So dainty with her milk.

We finished up with some chocolate covered Cheerio clusters.

This little one joined us too. She loves shoving pancakes and bananas in her face!

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Michelle said...

What a fun idea, I love the chocolate dipped glasses!!