Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week {9} in iPhone Photos

Sunday: The best way to start the day. Nonfat, no whip, white mocha I big puffy heart you.

Lets continue the day in food. Lunch at Abuelo's mean itty bitty baby bowl of beans for the itty bitty baby.

And waiting for daddy to finish in Woodcraft mean Sonic cream slushes all around! I am pretty sure we ate fruits and vegetables at some point of the day too.
Monday: I spent the baby's epic 3 hour nap ruffling.

Pre-Valentine's Day delivery for the girlies from the daddy.
Tuesday: Dressed in their Valentine best.

Hours of ruffling lead to the tunnel of luuuvvv. It will be up until Easter.

An afternoon stop at Target lead to more Starbucks and this little pretty. I am in love. And that is coming from the girl who absolutely refuses to wear lipstick. Ever.

Digging through the Valentine box after school.

It was a doozy of a day. Valentine's Day AND the hundredth day of school. Craaaaazy!

Wednesday: Every day starts with this fun game. We call it chase my big sister around the living room while she tries to color. Mwahahaha!

Mom this book tastes delicious!

Madison read a book to me before bed. She is getting too big.
Thursday: The new NOT ten thousand pound stroller actually fits in my trunk. I dig it.

Wine and flowers. For me. From me.
Friday: In bed.

Her dainty little feet would be super cute if there weren't so many cigarette butts in the background. At the park. Lame.

We went all good parents for the day. Football in the park after school.


Frozen yogurt BEFORE dinner.

Pizza FOR dinner. See, I told you! Good parents!

Zoey is the crust eater to Maddie's non-crusting eating.

I was supposed to have this book done for Madison's birthday in July. Umm, only... errr.. 8 months late....

I will eat you!
Saturday: Impending crappy weather on Sunday called for a Saturday FULL of stuff. Zoo train!

Elephants! Spring like weather means it was time to renew our membership.

Car naps!

Rides at the mall!
Today I shall wear pajamas. Clean out a closet. Shower. Put on clean pajamas. Eat leftovers. Happy Sunday!

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Suzanne said...

How are your girls so big?! Tell them to stop growing immediately. Your iPhone posts always make me the hungriest.