Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week {8} in iPhone Photos

Sunday: Strawberry cheesecake pancakes. With REAL cheesecake chunks in them. I know.
Online shoe shopping for Mad. I love Piperlime.
Monday: Our go to, easy dinner is always burrito bowls. Also the baby ate an ridiculous amount of black beans  and rice that night.
Tuesday: Lots of errands including the library.
It was also baby naps in the car day.
I don't grocery shop at Trader Joe's. I snack shop at Trader Joe's.
The only healthy thing I bought that day.
Wednesday: I said it was nap time so she made this face. Not cool kid.
Thursday: Playground after school!
She is so chill.
Friday: 5am wake up call from the babe lead to 7am nap time. GAH! 7am is when the alarm goes off!
It is best to watch Grey's Anatomy upside down.
Saturday: Raspberries stuff with white chocolate chips and other fruits. Breakfast of the healthy type. Except for the chocolate croissants we also ate.
Berries and Cheerios, her favorite.
New shoes!
I needed Starbucks just so I could have a pretty heart cup too.
What? Waffle fries are not a hair product?
My plans tonight.

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