Monday, February 27, 2012

Week {10} iPhone Pics

Sunday: Maddie lost her second. The tooth fairy forgot to visit.

An afternoon of rock band.

And homemade red velvet donuts because... well because RED VELVET DONUTS.
Monday: The kids were dressed super cute so we left the house. Can't remember where we went but I know we left the house.

Purple tights. Seriously, purple tights! So freaking cute!

Tuesday: The weather was lovely so Miss Z and I hit up the playground.

Happy Fat Tuesday! Too bad the King Cake from the grocery store was disgusting.
Wednesday: So much gorgeous weather!

Football at the park after dinner.

I'm a classy lady that wears pearls while playing football.

Baby got back. The cloth diapers really give her some junk in the trunk.
Thursday: Quite the fashionista.

Z makes a lovely lunch date. Except she ate all my guac. Meanie.

This is a medium. What the hell? Oh and I bought myself a new watch.

Another gorgeous day meant more football in the park.

Friday: Meh.
This delivery made the day better!
Saturday: In an effort to earn himself some brownie points the hubs whisked us away to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Nom.
Then the parent brownie points- a trip to the children's museum!

I may have spent the afternoon play The Oregon Trail. I was totally in love with the original game in 4th grade.
Definitely not a healthy dinner but a damn delicious one! Especially with the ginormous margarita I drank after the wee ones went to bed!

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