Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week ONE in iPhone Photos

I LOVE when its time to upgrade our phones and this time we got iPhones so in honor of my shiny new phone I have not yet dropped (give me a week) here is our week in iPhone photos.

Saturday: The hubs came home telling me all about his new tea addiction. We just HAD to go to the mall and he just HAD to spend $100 on tea. In his defense it is good.
And now he is a refined tea drinking man. See the pinky says it all.
To prove he is not some new crazy dainty folk from London he took us out to Chick-fil-a
They gave us waffle fries we didn't order so we gave them to the baby. She likes to shove food in her ears.
Then we went home carved pumpkins and drank the tea. It is good stuff.
Sunday: See tooth. Oh wait, no tooth!
The tooth fairy dropped by
Never in a bazillion years did I think I would be awake on a Sunday morning and out for a brogak (bike-run-jog-walk) with my family. But we were.

I even smiled about it!
And he is just weird.
Monday: No mommy I don't want to go to school! Neither do I kid.
Madison had a storybook parade at school (so the kids didn't wear scary costumes to school)- her Fancy Nancy costume is a bit small.
Clearly Zoey wasn't feeling it.
Time to trick or treat! Maddie was Rapunzel and Zoey was a polka dot bear. Well technically she was going to wear her glow in the dark skeleton pjs but it was too damn cold for that.
Tuesday: I was supposed to run all sorts of errands that day instead I took the sleeping baby to Target, drank Starbucks and bought costumes on clearance for next Halloween.
Wednesday: This was about the 4th feeding of the day and it was only 6:41 AM. Zoey doesn't sleep much at night anymore. Neither do I.
On the bright side she is happy in the morning.
I spent the entire day like this with hopes that she would sleep at night. Nope. 

Thursday: Naked baby ate peaches.

Not naked mommy ate left over beef and barley soup. I want to eat that every day forever and always. It was so good.
Despite having a baby that never seems to sleep anymore I still put these on every morning and workout for an hour. WHY??? 35 pounds down, that's why!
3pm every day begins the chaos. Homework. Dinner. Cranky baby. Baths. Books. Bedtime.
Friday: Okay maybe my sneakers don't get put on every day. In my defense it was raining. And I was tired. So tired.
Teavana delivery! Okay we may be we are a little obsessed with the tea.
I told you I was tired. 
So tired the hubs took us to Gordon Biersch for dinner. They have triangle crayons there. Genius.
Saturday: We woke up before the sun on an incredibly windy and cold day for a 5K. What the hell??

Maddie even had her own number for her tot trot.

For the love of all that is good someone please tell me there is a better way to upload pictures from my iPhone or iPad into Blogger. I just spent way too much time e-mailing myself all of these pictures, opening them on my laptop and then doing the blog post. GAH!


Angie - said...

What a busy and fun week! Loved looking at all the pictures - thanks for sharing! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Our Little Family said...

I don't know a better way but if you find one, PLEASE let me know. I've stopped putting my iPhone pics on my blog because I get too bored/distracted trying to email them all to myself!

Suzanne said...

You plug your iPhone into the computer & transfer them, just like you would with a memory card. If the autoplay doesn't pop up you can find the iPhone through MyComputer.

I open all mine in Picasa on my desktop and save the ones I like best to a folder for each week. There is NO WAY I would have made it a year in iPhone pics if I had to email them all!