Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week {4} in iPhone Photos

Sunday: Sister cuddles!
It was a beer, root beer float and football kind of day. And Dallas WON!!! Barely.
Did you know salt is the cure for wine and tea spills? Yup. Its a miracle worker. Sadly that was the second cup of tea that was dumped that day.
Monday: Zoey ate a turkey. A hand-me-down baby's 1st turkey. It matches all the rest baby's 1st hand-me-downs she gets because I am too lazy to go find another one so they each have one.
Tuesday: Maddie is very fashion forward. In her defense it was raining that morning. I hate that sweatshirt also. Only because she wears it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
Wednesday: Thanksgiving preparations
Thursday: Why just splurge on a huge holiday dinner when you can cheat and eat donuts for breakfast too!
This kid was in heaven. Thanksgiving is a baby food heaven, everything seems to be mashed. She gnawed on turkey, crescent rolls, crackers and chowed down on mashed tomatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and cranberry sauce. Then she pooped a rainbow.
I made my first turkey EVER!
Turkey comas
Friday: Maddie woke up demanding pancakes from dad and that our tree was put up then.
Baby's 1st Christmas hat and Baby's 1st Christmas doll. Hand-me-downs again!
Maddie has been begging to build her gingerbread house for a month.
This is why I made a turkey- leftovers.
Saturday: Great grandma had to leave, it was sad goodbyes for all.
And for good measure a bit of baby cuteness.

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