Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week {3} in iPhone Photos

Sunday: Day 3 of C25K. Not bad. Not good. But not bad.
This what we did on Sunday. Nothing.
Oh my bad we played Kinect football.
Monday: Maddie decided that it is officially fall here in Virginia because there is FINALLY one tree with non-green leaves.
Yippee! Lego Harry Potter 2 came in the mail! I will be hoarding the XBox until the game is 100% complete.
Nice try kid. That's MY bed.
Tuesday: Some Christmas gifts arrived in the mail. Is it for YOU?
Wednesday: I went all Martha Stewart and made some Parker House rolls. Then I froze them for Thanksgiving. Hopefully I remember they are in the freezer and thaw and bake them BEFORE we sit down to eat.
 I picked Maddie up from school and Zoey mauled a zebra.
Thursday: It was cold and rainy so I hunkered down in the house with coffee.
Then I made a table runner and Brandon brought me home Starbucks. DOUBLE coffee day! Score!
The hubs was feeling bad about his late nights all week so he took us out to Red Robin for dinner. Burgers and no cooking for me? Score!
Friday: The Muppets have been invading our TV lately so Maddie and I spent the morning before school watching YouTube Muppet videos.
After dinner I made Brandon help me move furniture around so that I can prepare for Thanksgiving. GAH! Thanksgiving! At my house! I have never cooked a turkey before. Save me!
Saturday: The plan was to NOT disturb the babies napping schedule so we spent the morning in pajamas doing nothing. It was nice.
We surprised the girls with a trip to the local mall to visit Santa and the arctic wonderland exhibit. It was even snowing fake snow!
I picked up some treats for Maddie's teacher too. I figure packaged up with some homemade cinnamon butter it can make a nice treat for winter break.

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The Flavor Blue said...

New to your blog from a good life linkup. Looks like you had a great week!

How the C25K going? I really want to try!!

Heidi said...

I'm seriously SO inspired by your new fitness routine! Way to go, Amanda!