Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's In

Miss Madison-
An alert came through this morning that you are now officially a member of the Loose Tooth Club! Congratulations! I thought it was best to give you a run down of the Tooth Fairy Rules now before you lose your first tooth.

#1 I only accept CLEAN teeth!
Make sure you brush your teeth 2 times a day so your tooth is nice and shiny for me!
#2 Leave your tooth next to your bed.
Searching for teeth under a pillow can be difficult for such a tiny fairy like me so if you could leave your tooth next to your bed that would be great!
#3 Forgive me!
Sometimes I don’t make it to every house every night. If I don’t get to your tooth the first night you leave it out I promise I will the next night!

I hope I get to visit your house soon and leave you a surprise!

Tooth Fairy

PS Apples and carrot sticks help wiggly teeth fall out!


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Christy said...

Love this - shared the idea on Facebook!!!