Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mommy & Maddie Date

The last year was rough for Maddie and I. After 5 years of being with each other every.single.day we were starting to get on each others nerves. I suppose it was to be expected but it's still hard to fight with your kiddo all the time. Thankfully now that Maddie is in school and we have a  bit of a break from each other things have been much better. We hardly ever fight and she is happy to be spending time with me rather than telling me I am not her best mom ever! 

This past weekend Zoey stayed home with daddy while Maddie and I went on a special girly date to Disney Princesses on Ice. Of course Maddie had a fantastic time despite getting over a nasty stomach bug. 

Unfortunately taking a good picture of people on ice skates, without a flash, from the nosebleed section was a bit difficult but I did manage one! This was our second time seeing a Disney on Ice show and once again Maddie was in awe. If you have a chance to bring your kiddos to one I highly suggest it!

And for a little chuckle Maddie informed me that the arena had to be cold for the ice because we are seeing princesses on ICE not princesses that swim! Oh how I love that kid!

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Michelle said...

We are going in Nov. I can't wait!!