Monday, September 19, 2011

A Yankee Mistake

Summer TV generally blows. It's true. So late one night at the beginning of the summer the hubs and I were channel surfing and the best we could find was Next Food Network Star. Man we got sucked in quickly. I am not big on reality TV, but the cooking and the drama and the FOOOOOD sucked us in. We became invested in these folks and we were so happy to see when Jeff Mauro won. Have you watched the Sandwich King? I love sandwiches. I even have a whole board in Pinterest devoted to them. 

Well Jeff made biscuits last week. When it comes to bread and dough I tend to be a failure. I think yeast is my enemy. These biscuits looked super easy and super yummy though so I figured why not try?? I am so happy I did. THIS recipe is soooo good and only 4 ingredients! My Yankee mistake as my husband called it? Subbing olive oil for vegetable oil. Whatevs. They were still good. Just a little different. Oops!

Now if you have had a  biscuit failure in the past trust me on this one, these are amazing! They are messy to make but soooo good. 

I promise you will be giving Cracker Barrel a run for their money if you give these a try!

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AmberLee said...

mouth is watering. these look like something I could actually whip up, tonight maybe!

love the museum too. kids museums are our fave.