Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was recently contacted by Team Mom to review Moon Dough. At first glance I was going to say absolutely not. Last Christmas we bought Maddie Moon Dough and it was in the trash the next day. It was messy. REALLY messy. Basically it was super crumbly and managed to get everywhere. 

THEN I noticed that Team Mom wanted me to review the new and IMPROVED Moon Dough. Well, that is a different story!

 Moon Dough has a new formula featuring a better consistency for molding and I can attest to the fact that it is not nearly as crumbly! The bonus of Moon Dough? It never dries out. It really doesn't. Maddie made waffles out of Moon Dough that are sitting on my desk right now from about a week ago and it is exactly the same moldable consistency it was when she originally made them. Moon Dough is also odor-free, definitely a good thing when your dear child is shoving fake waffles in your face at 7am.

The new Moon Dough play sets include new Push n' Pop molds that offer great details. See, waffles! Maddie and I had a chance to play with the Moon Dough Push N' Pop Breakfast set (suggested retail price $9.99) and I definitely agree the new molds are super easy to use and leave your creations looking fantastic. The set we used included 3 Push n Pop tools, a twisty mold and 2 colors of Moon Dough with a themed mat. With the set we were able to create lots of breakfast noms like waffles, pancakes and toast! There was even a teeny tiny mold to make little pats of butter and strawberries!

Maddie was a bit troubled that the kit only included red and yellow dough but with a little bit of mommy power I was able to make a pretty nice orange. Moon Dough does take a bit more work to incorporate the colors than regular clay does though.

You can find Moon Dough available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon.com, A.C. Moore, Michaels and eToys. There is also another Push n' Pop set available that lets you mold sea creatures!

Mmmm doughy!

 I completely concur that the new formula is a winner!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Team Mom and Moon Dough for providing Maddie and I Moon Dough Push N Pop Breakfast free of charge. This review is my honest opinion on the new Moon Dough formula.

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