Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAM Review

Miss Z has begun that lovely phase already of sticking anything and everything in her mouth and she is constantly covered in drool. Good times. Among her top favorites to shove in her mouth? My boob, daddy's hand, burp cloths and now her new Cooler Teether from MAM

I was curious to see if she would be interested but despite her initial look of fear she now loves the thing. I am not sure if she is officially teething yet but she is certainly on her way. The Cooler Teether has a unique shape filled with water that offers 3 different textured surfaces to naw away on!

It's a good look for her right? 

MAM was nice enough to send Zoey a variety of different teethers that I am sure will be getting plenty of use soon! The Twister is designed to be both a teething ring and a toy in one. It includes 4 different textured surface including one water-filled cooling ring and it also is a rattle. Ahh more things to make noise!

MAM also has a variety of different pacifier too. Despite me breastfeeding we are also using pacifiers, personally I am not a fan of being a human pacifier so it works for us. The MAM pacifiers are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, PVC-Free and CPSIA compliant- or in other words they are A-Okay for the babe! MAM pacifier nipples are designed to conform with your baby's individual mouth making them always in the right position. We didn't introduce the MAM pacifiers to Zoey until recently so she is kind of in a take it or leave it mood with them but of course each baby is different so yours may love them. 

You can find more MAM products on their website HERE, on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

Disclaimer: MAM and Team Mom sent me these products free of charge to facilitate my review. Once again this review is 100% my (and Z's) opinion.

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Jamie said...

I love MAM! They have the cutest pacis. *lol* Dawson used MAM and I *wish* Ashlynn would, we've tried to switch her a few times but she won't give up her Soothies. I think it's because she was in the NICU for almost a month and that's what they used there. If I would have thought about it sooner I would have brought the MAM pacis to the NICU for her but that was the last thing on my mind at the time. Anyway! Zoey is adorable!