Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Nights Baseball Lights

 So sorry but all of these pictures were taken with my camera phone!

Maddie has been begging for MONTHS to go to a baseball game. We have absolutely no idea where this request came from. 

My husband is from Texas so obviously football is his sport of choice. And while I may have grown up on baseball (Go Red Sox!) it has been a very long time since I have watched a game. {Living in Washington state made it very difficult to get any east coast games on tv! lol} 

The original plan was to take Maddie to a minor league game in my hometown when we visit Connecticut later this summer but a wonderful opportunity dropped in our laps this month. My husbands command would be sponsoring a game night with the local Peninsula Pilots (not quite minor league, mostly college guys hoping to get picked up).

The game was free (free is ALWAYS good), the atmosphere was perfect for an active 4 year old and the weather was fantastic. Okay that's a lie. It rained. A lot. Thankfully the stands were covered so it worked well for us! The benches were even big enough for me to spread a blanket out for Maddie to color before the game began. Fantastic!

She may not have been completely enthralled with the game but she did patiently listen and ask questions about how the game was played and definitely begged to go again!

I will admit that bench seats aren't the best for me and Zoey at the moment but we will definitely go back once Zoey is born! Hubby's command will be working the concession stand all season so we will have plenty of opportunities to go again.

All in all I think Maddie had a fantastic time at her first baseball game. But really what kid that gets to eat a hot dog and popcorn for dinner wouldn't be happy?


Jodi said...

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but like a kid, the hot dog and popcorn is enough for me to allow Josh to drag me out to the ballgame every now and then! :)

AshHadAns said...

We take our girls to at least one MLB game each summer in St. Louis and they love it. I think it's just the lively atmosphere that they enjoy, because the game itself doesn't really keep their interest!