Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Salt Art

We crafted! Can you believe it?! Me either, but I have proof so it really did happen! I stumbled upon a great post on Pinterest for salt art (similar to sand art from the carnival) and knew Maddie would love it! Plus it was practically mess free and super cheap. 

Armed with our handy dandy trays we spread piles of table salt on white paper and proceeded to color it with plain ole chalk. Easy! Then we dumped it in the smallest Mason jar I had on hand. Since salt is cheap and we still have plenty of chalk I am saving some jelly jars that are a bit smaller to fill with salt next time. For complete directions visit flax & twine

 Maddie LOVED this project and it didn't involve all that much from me except supervision of course! Plus she is still at that great age that when I break out the dustpan and broom she willingly cleans the little bit of mess there was. She is looking forward to showing her Nanny how to make one next month when she comes for a visit!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

This is FABULOUS!!!! I love this idea!!! Adding it to our summer craft list!! Thank you for sharing.

Jamie said...

I love this idea!

Liberty said...

What a fun idea!!! My daughter always wants to do one of those layered sand art projects, this might add a new element to it. Thanks for sharing!