Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Ramblings

Oh hey, yeah I am still here. Still carrying child too. Blah. As of today I am now finally at 36 weeks and I REALLY can't wait till next Friday when baby Zoey is considered full term. You know cause then I won't feel so bad scolding her to GET OUT OF ME NOW.

The weather here in lovely {insert sarcasm} Virginia is horrible. I hate hot weather. It's not my thing. I hate it even more when I am carrying a baby and I am ALWAYS hot. 100+ degrees every single day is really not awesome. Thank goodness we have central AC which means I can wear a parka in my house but then need to strip naked to bring the garbage outside.

The only pictures I took during the entire holiday weekend at the family reunion. So sad.
Last weekend I momentarily lost my mind and thought it would be a fantastic idea to drive over 7 hours away for our family reunion. GAH. The family reunion was wonderful, don't get me wrong! Maddie loved seeing some of her grandparents and great grandparents and playing with cousins she hasn't seen in 2 years but goodness gracious was it exhausting. SEVEN HOURS in a car. Not my finest moment. By the time we arrived home my ankles were officially cankles and I was miserable.

On the road again. The pre-cankles picture.

Oh it gets better! Apparently the stomach bug was being spread during the reunion and by Tuesday of this week all things were bad. Real bad. You know what's worse than the stomach bug? Being 9 months pregnant and having the stomach bug. No one likes being huddled over the toilet and that's exactly where I was. I am also one of those fine people that tends to burst every single blood vessel in her face at the first sign of vomiting. I am going on 3 days now of looking like I am suffering from some crazy tropical disease. Awesome, I know.

Of course I know I am days away from having a second child but it really hit me on the car ride home from New Jersey. A baby. In my house. Soon. AHHH. So I have been obsessively nesting I guess. The kitchen floor has been washed more in the past week then in the 10 months we have lived here. Uhh, yeah I hate washing the floor. My hospital bag is packed. Maddie's overnight bag is packed. 

I finally decided to stop using Zoey's pack and play as a receptacle for all my clean laundry and actually put the clothes away. The car seat is installed. So really all I need is the baby. {GET OUT OF ME} Tuesday I have my regularly scheduled NST and my first pants off OB appointment since November. I have high hopes the doctor is going to tell me going home isn't an option because I am going to spontaneously pop out a baby any minute. Chances are very unlikely but a girl can wish. 

Maddie and I spent some quality crafting time yesterday working on some Father's Day gifts based off of THESE ones I found on Pinterest. (If you need an invite to Pinterest leave me your e-mail and I will send one your way!) Father's Day is just around the corner I figured I should probably get on that before I land myself in the hospital. Heck Brandon could be holding TWO kiddos on Father's Day this year. Did you hear that giant thunk? Just the hubby hitting the floor. TWO KIDS. That's right babe, we are going to have TWO KIDS by the end of the month.

Now that you are all caught up it's time to celebrate National Donut Day. Oh yeah there is a box of Krispy Kremes calling me! Have a happy weekend!


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

You poor thing! I remember how miserable I was at the end of my pregnancy, and all you want is that darn baby out of you! Hope she comes SOON!!! {PS I'm also one of those burst every blood vessel in your face & eyes when I barf girls!!!} I SOOOO feel your pain on the red speckled face! So sorry!

Christy said...

That really stinks about the stomach virus.

I hate hot weather too - I'm happiest around 70 degrees.

What on earth is Pinterest?

I hope Zoey listens and comes as soon as you are full term!

Our Little Family said...

I'm so glad you posted! I've been checking in to see if there was any update.

You are SO close. Almost there. The weather, I'm sure, isn't helping things.

Yay on the two kids by the end of the month thing! :) We're still learning the ropes around here. We have good days and not as good ones, but it's still amazing to see BOTH of our kids hanging out at home.

Hang in there!