Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crappy Mom Syndrome

Once upon a time there was a mom who could go, go, go. She could spend the entire day chasing her all too active 4 year old around the zoo. She could spend hours splashing in the water at the beach without dozing off. She could grocery shop, stop by the post office, swing through Target and still be home in time with enough energy to serve a delicious lunch. She could have craft projects planned to coincide with books and field trips.

Who the hell was that crazy lady?

Oh wait that was me.... 32 weeks ago. Not me anymore.

Truthfully I don't remember much about my pregnancy with Maddie, it was far too long ago! I know one thing for sure though- there were no other children in my house at the time. I could nap. I could sleep late. I could skip cooking dinner or any meal for that matter and sustain on cereal, watermelon and any other random item I pulled out of the fridge.

Things are different this time around. Maddie does not nap. Maddie gets up WAY too early in the morning. Maddie likes real food. Maddie does not believe in laying around or even resting for that matter. She is a go, go, go kid like I was once upon a time. Unfortunately I am not that mommy anymore and I can't keep up!

I have been left with Crappy Mom Syndrome. There is whining when I can't handle the zoo for more than an hour in 90 degree weather. Maddie doesn't want pb&j  AGAIN for lunch. She doesn't understand why my eyes are already starting to close at 10am. Craft projects? HA! Grab some construction paper and crayons kid, mommy is putting up her feet.

On the bright side my complete exhaustion didn't really start until last week so she only has to deal with a crappy mom for the next 6-8 weeks.... well then she will have to deal with a crying baby sister and a mom that is chugging coffee like it's crack, but that will be another story for another day.

End of rant.

Oh wait not yet. I may actually look pregnant this time but I will never have that cute giant baby belly, it doesn't happen for me. My children like to stttreeetttccchhh out. Zoey has a skill in kicking my ribs and punching my nether region all that the same time. It's not cool. I don't like. I am pretty sure Zoey is going to be a long skinny baby just like Maddie.

Now I shall stop complaining.


Suzanne said...

This is why I recommend having the children close in age, because the first never gets spoiled with all that attention and fun and things like craft projects. Now when we play "mommy lays on the couch" it's just a normal day. I AM A GENIUS.

And don't worry, Maddie will be SO EXCITED about the baby sister she won't care at all about PB&J.

Our Little Family said...

Ahhhh, did you write this post or did I?! Haha. I can so TOTALLY relate and honestly, the guilt of being less than what I was 9 months ago is REALLY hard for me. Tray activities? Themed weeks? Prepared craft projects?? All those now seem SO exhausting to me and that makes me SO sad. I've been trying REALLY hard to step up my game for Maddie but gosh, being pregnant is exhausting this time around (no long naps after work, no sleeping in...).

Anyway, you are totally not alone. I've got 12 more days (sooner if he'd like to come on his own!) and the countdown is ON. :)

Jackie H. said...

I think that's called "Normal mommy syndrome". I'm absolutely sure I was like that when I was expecting my second but strangely, I don't remember most of those days and neither does my oldest (at least I don't think he does, hope he doesn't disclose it all in therapy one day ;) Kids are amazingly resilient. Take care of yourself and the baby.

Life With the Crazies said...

Just say NO to mom guilt!!! You're doing great! Your daughter is fed, clean, safe, and loved... the most important things! Hang in there!