Monday, May 2, 2011

Birdie House

We are alive and kicking. I have been absent for a few days... well I suppose about a week now. My grandmother-in-law was in town and we were super busy throughout the week. I would show pictures to prove it but I was too lazy, too pregnant and too exhausted to actually carry my camera with me. The ONE day I did bring it with me I took ONE picture. Sad I know. 

I would love to say we are relaxing this week but that's a no go. With only 7 to 9 weeks left before Zoey arrives doctors appointment are in overdrive along with everything else we have going on this month. Anyways. I did have a chance to stop by Target this weekend for a little birthday shopping for the hubby and Maddie spied a really cute plastic bird house kit in the Dollar Spot. Originally priced at $2.50 it was on clearance for 50 cents and really who can pass that up?

After Maddie and daddy assembled the birdhouse I threw caution to the wind and handed Maddie my container of Sharpies. Oh I know, probably not the best idea. It kept her busy though and that was the important part. I figured she would just decorate the outside a bit but then she went crazy on the inside to providing wall paper and area rugs for the new bird residents.

After a weekend of decorating Maddie proudly hung the birdhouse in our tree and is now eagerly awaiting some new residents!


Jamie said...

Aww, I hope some birdies move in soon! That is so cute!

Morgan said...

How fun!! I love a good deal, especially from Target :o)