Friday, March 25, 2011

What We Ate: Week 2

Oh yes! Two weeks in a row you get to know what fantastic recipes we tried out. I am on a roll!

Chicken Cacciatore- Giada De Laurentiss (Food Network)
A few weeks ago we enjoyed this delicious chicken cacciatore at a friend's house and my tomato hating husband turned to me after one bite and said "you need to get this recipe". Done, and done. I personally love chicken cacciatore and this recipe is not only incredibly easy but oh so very good. I opted to only use skinless boneless chicken breast but that's our personal preference.
I have mentioned my desperate cravings for Mexican food during this pregnancy and it certainly hasn't let up one little bit. I may have formed a bit of a Chipotle addiction recently and frankly it is just too expensive to eat there every day. Instead I found a variety of Chipotle copycat recipes and we made our own 'make your own burrito bar'. It was delicious. The end. 

It has been forever since I last had a stuffed pepper and this recipe just called to me. I personally thought they were fantastic but my non rice eating husband thought otherwise. Whatever. I used Jasmine rice instead of brown, because brown rice tastes like dirt. That's my thoughts at least.

Are they waffles or are they cookies?! Both. Delicious. Maddie made the batter herself and then I tossed them all in the waffle press. Super quick recipe that doesn't make a ridiculous amount. Fantastic!


Golden Thoughts said...

mmmm...mouthwatering. i hope you can post your recipes here. i'll keep an eye to that :)
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Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I think I'll make those peppers next week. I was planning on buying some ground chicken (I don't eat red meat or pork). Thanks for the recipe.