Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

 A few weeks ago Maddie spotted this great my first garden kit by Miracle Gro and of course because she is spoiled I said yes. (I should probably work on that) There were two different kits available at our local WalMart and we ended up with the kit for growing tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers- all favorites in our house!

Maddie set to work pouring the dirt pellets into the small growing cups. I love that the cups are clear so you can actually see the roots growing.

Next up was adding a bit of water to make our soil actual soil!

Maddie matched the cups with the seeds as she saw fit.

The kit also came with cute little plant sticks to mark your veggies.

After the plants were situated as Maddie felt they needed to be we set to work on the extras in the box.

The kit included a growth chart to help her measure her plants as they grow.

Maddie took care of coloring in the chart to match her veggie cups and now she is patiently waiting for her plants to sprout! I have to say that for under $10 I am pretty happy with the kit. Maddie had no problems planting the seeds herself and I love that it came with a growth chart and another small chart showing how plants grow. Maddie is anxious to see her seeds grow and then transplant them into the yard!


Laura said...

Oh, I just love this kit. May have to snag one for my girls. It would give them something to do over Spring Break. :o)

Jamie said...

That is pretty awesome!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love that you have a growth chart with it to track the progress! What a fun spring activity!


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