Monday, February 14, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

Happy Valentine's Day!

That's what Maddie yelled at me around 6:30 this morning and then followed it up with MOM TODAY IS DISNEY JUNIOR DAY!!!!! Clearly it's an exciting day at our house.

Sadly I didn't live up to Maddie's expectations of a wonderfully awesome Valentine's Day breakfast. Instead I tossed her a bowl of dry Fruit Loops (no judging, I am pregnant*) and some V8. After spending the entire morning cleaning- who knows what possessed me to do that!- I decided I could be nice and whip up those special pancakes Maddie was so looking forward to this morning.

Today's Muffin Tin lunch featured heart shaped pancakes, maple syrup, a slice of Valentine's Day cookie pie, Valentine's Day trail mix and sliced strawberries.

Of course a pink drink was necessary too so Crystal Light pink lemonade it was!

Yeah not super healthy but it's a special day! Stop by Muffin Tin Mom's for some other fantastic muffin tin meals!

*Yes I use the excuse that I am pregnant for EVERYTHING. Heck I only have 4 1/2 more months of this awesome excuse and I am definitely using it!*


Anonymous said...

Cute lunch! You can get a lot of milage out of "I'm pregnant" and when that no longer applies, "I just had a baby" is good at least until late toddlerhood!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You did a great job! I bet she ate all of her pancakes. JDaniel only ate part of his.

Ludicrous Mama said...

I don't even HAVE the excuse of being pregnant! I have been known to toss a whole bowl of Froot Loops at her just so she'd stop bothering me long enough to take a shower! (Normally she gets Cheerios with a few Froot Loops on top)
What a fun brunch!

Rockabye Butterfly said...

I like your heart pancakes!

~Rockabye Butterfly~