Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shimmering Hearts

Once in a while Maddie and I do a project and I just absolutely, head over heels fall in love with it. By far these recycled hearts are top on my list!

While watching Chaos Theory (Ryan Reynolds movie, super good you should watch it) I sat down with a pair of scissors and a few brown paper grocery bags.

After cutting the bags open and folding them in half (print on the inside) I set to work cutting out free form hearts. No pattern necessary, I think they look better not all being identical. So you should be left with a stack of heart pairs.

Next up the sewing. I used whatever thread was already in my machine so the tops were white and the bottoms black. I would suggest using white throughout just because its a bit easier to paint over later. 

As you sew along your heart pairs make sure you leave an opening for stuffing.

I used shredded newspaper for stuffing my hearts but tissue paper would do the trick too.

Downfall of using newspaper? Inky hands, gross!

Lots of pretty stuffed hearts! Time to stitch up the stuffing hole and snip off all the extra threads hanging around.

Alright now all the mommy work is done and it's time for the kiddos to step in. We used some gorgeous DecoArt acrylic paints.

Maddie took care of most of the painting and i touched up when she was done. The Glamour Dust red required two coats of paint but it dried pretty quick between coats.

After all the hearts dried I took my mini hole punch to the tops and strung them up with some adorable baker's twine.

Maddie decided the hearts definitely belonged in her room!

We ended up stringing them up along the bottom bunk of her bed. At night with the rope the lights on the hearts glitter and they are just gorgeous!


Andrea said...

Oh My Gosh that is the best kid craft I have seen in a long time!
~Jada Roo

Sandy said...

Very pretty!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

those are adorable! LOVE them! Great job on painting, Maddie!!

Life With the Crazies said...

These are adorable! Now I have to add them to my long "to-do" list, because I just have to make these with my kids. I agree, LOVE THEM!

blueviolet said...

Those are just seriously cute!

krystlbear (Crystal) said...

This is adorable. I wish I had a little to share it with.