Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Bits

 It's Friday and I don't have any cool glittery heart projects for you so instead I will share everything that's been going on. Enjoy!

- Thursday I managed to drive Maddie to her art class in Virginia Beach which happens to be 30 minutes away without the GPS. If you know me you know this is an amazing accomplishment especially since we have only been living here for 6 months.

- Holy crap we have been living in Virginia for 6 months.

- Bigger holy crap? I am having a baby in 5 months!

- Pregnant lady brain is in full force. I managed to buy milk and leave it hanging in the shopping bag in my kitchen for 24 hours before realizing it. I am awesome, I know.

-Why does my 4 year old feel such a strong possession to clothes that are clearly way too small for her? 2T underwear that leave marks on her legs. Pajama pants that now fit like Bermuda shorts. T-shirts that were once long sleeve and now are 3/4 length sleeve half shirts. I managed to distract her with these delicious granola bars and long enough to kidnap clothes from her drawers. Yeah!

-Dear hubby was finally able to see a doctor for this nasty problem only 2 weeks after he actually got hurt. Word is he has a broken toe and multiple fractures, and what does that mean? Nothing. He gets to wear a groovy sandal and keep enjoying (ha!) his 800mg Motrin. Poor boy.

-Dear hubby also has a cold and I am crossing my fingers I don't get it. Better yet my dear 4 year old sneezed in my face yesterday.

-Spacing my pregnancies 5 years apart has left this giant empty hole in my memory about all this crazy stuff that's happening. I don't remember having crazy dreams the first time but they are the star of the show for this round. Giant 6 month old (talking in my case) babies posing as infants, nasty looking zombies and crazy Reavers have all been featured lately. Can you guess what shows we have have been watching on TV lately?*

- Oh my darling Maddie and her oh so funny questions. Her latest- "Mom do you have to carry the baby in your belly all the time?" Unfortunately yes. Not so horrible now but get back to me in 4 months.

- Wait did I mention I am going to be a mom x2 in 5 months?!?!

Happy Friday!

*Doesn't Ryan's daughter on V look way too old for a few weeks old? No? Just me? Hmm. Hubby has been watching The Walking Dead on AMC the past week- not too shabby. Oh for the love of Nathan Fillion Firefly is fantastic!


Suzanne said...

That baby is supposed to be a few WEEKS old? Ridic. At 4 weeks my baby still looks like Gollum, not a chubby cheeked toddler who you can hold on your hip. True story.

I cannot believe you guys have been gone for SIX MONTHS! Or that you're having the baby in FIVE! I better get knitting. Wait, when do we find out what you're having? Soon?

Amanda said...

I know seriously! That kid is HUGE and kinda creeps me out a bit.

Ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 23rd. We have been spewing out baby boy names incessantly trying to figure one out. Brandon is still suggesting Brendan. No.