Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Week In Phone Photos- Week 4

I tried to remember to take pictures this week. Fail. Here's what I managed though!

 Monday: Despite the ridiculous snow storm which if we were still in Connecticut wouldn't have been an issue we braved the HORRIBLE roads so Maddie could go spend some all of her Christmas moolah on the elusive Bullseye doll. She was thrilled. We managed to live and not crash the car like 500 other folks in Hampton Roads Virginia. True fact: The news said "The roads will be completely cleared of snow in a few days. We have to wait for the sun to melt it." Uh where are we living now??

 Tuesday: After over a week sans the evil elliptical machine I layed on our bed staring it down. I did eventually get on though. It was horrible. Worth it, but horrible. 

 Wednesday: The hubby had to head back to work so Maddie and I layed around the house pretending to do house work but mostly just building puzzles,

 lots of puzzles,

 and playing a few intense rounds of Cootie!

 Uh Thursday we probably did something..... I don't remember and didn't take any pictures so moving on...

Friday: We ventured out of the house again for some delicious Panera and an expensive trip to TJ Maxx. I always forget how easy it is to spend money there!

 Hubby and I rang in the New Year with our New Year's tradition of fondue a'la The Melting Pot and a few round of Scrabble. We are clearly old, but let us have our fun.

 We have the coolest fondue plates ever! And the lump of white stuff in the center? Pure amazing, deliciousness- Green Goddess Dip. Look it up, well worth it!

Oh yeah I lost. Twice.

Did you take pics? Time to link up! Thanks to a good life we can do that! 


Life With the Crazies said...

I adore green goddess dip, hands down my most favorite! Looks like a nice relaxing week :)

Infant Bibliophile said...

Since we just played Cootie an hour ago, I feel compelled to comment. Could they make the legs any harder to get in?! And what's with the heads not staying on. And why did they make you need to roll so many 6's? And roll the right number to begin (we just cheat and grab our head and body right away). Whew, I feel better now that that's off my chest. :)