Sunday, January 2, 2011

From The Mouths of Babes

We are definitely at the age where Maddie talks non.stop. Eh who am I kidding we have been there for a very long time. Lately she has certainly had some funny moments though!

1. "Oh yeah! That's how I like it!"
Seem strange for a 4 year old?
In context: 
Me: Maddie what would you like for your special, anything you want New Year's Eve dinner?
Maddie: A cheeseburger and fries! Oh yeah! That's how I like it!

2. "Come on big 6!"
Apparently Mad has been hanging out at the craps tables at the casino or...
In context: 
While playing a very intense game of Cooties you can hear my dear sweet child screaming "Come on big 6!" throughout the house in her quest to gain all the Cootie legs.

3. "You are not my best mom ever!"
Typical I am assuming or at least hoping!
In context:
Me: No Maddie you are not eating ice cream/cookies/candy at 7:30 in the morning. Sorry kiddo it's still breakfast time.
Maddie: AHHHHHH! {foot stomping up the stairs} You Are Not My Best Mom EVER!

Ahh what a fun age she is at!


Anonymous said...

hehe I love the come on big 6 :-)

Sandy said...

So funny! Kids just crack me up!

Day 2 Day Living said...

Ok so I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time but "You are not my best mom ever" may be one of the best things I have heard in a long time! Thanks for the laugh!