Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lovely Bug

I saw these adorable love bugs over at Moments of Mommyhood last week (?) and knew they would be a perfect craft for my anti-snow agenda. Of course when I told Maddie we were going to make a love bug she looked at me like I was insane. A love bug mom? That is not a kind of bug. She officially decided we were making a butterfly because it had wings. Oh well.

 We went a little different with our love bug butterfly but started with the basic toilet paper roll painted red.

 We used contact paper and pink, red and purple glitter for the wings. I LOVE how sparkly they are!

 I punched a hole in the back of the toilet paper roll for the sparkly pipecleaner antennae.

 Maddie took care of stringing on a few beads for good measure.

 I used the glue gun to adhere the wings and some googly eyes. I entrusted Maddie with a Sharpie to finish up.

Adorable and sparkly! Maddie gave the love bug butterfly long hair because her name is Rapunzel!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Oh but love bugs are very real and a pain in the butt!
Yours however is adorable.

Kristi@Creative Connections for Kids said...

A great anti-snow activity. I can think of several ways that we can use this. SO cute...everyone loves wiggly eyes too. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute; I honestly don't know where you get this creativeness, wasn't me. Love Mom

Michelle said...

So cute...I will be adding this to our Valentines activities!!!

Sandy said...

She did a great job! Very cute!

Christa Terry said...

Not a bug, heh. I would have been all busting out the Google to prove that it was a kind of bug. A kind of bug that is impossible to clean off the dang car windshield!