Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Questioning: Part 2

Did you miss Part 1 when I told my dear daughter that I didn't know how the baby is going to get out? I was prepared this time! A few days ago Maddie once again asked the all important question.

Maddie: Where does the baby come out?
Me: Mommy's have special places called birth canals and when the baby is big enough mommy will push the baby out.
Maddie: Oh. Well how do you push?
Me: Kind of like going to the bathroom.
Maddie: How long are you going to be in the hospital?
Me: A day or two.
Maddie: Can I visit?
Me: Of course.
Maddie: For how long?
Me: As long as you want.
Maddie: Okay. I would like to visit for 7 minutes.

Jeez. If I knew the conversations was going to be that easy I could saved myself the embarrassment of being a big ole dummy last time! Hopefully this answer suffices. We shall see!


Christy said...

Too funny.

Amy said...

I want to visit for six minutes, please.

Lindsay said...

oo yay for it going smoothly!

Stacy said...

good job, Momma!

Heidi said...

Yay! Good work! (And P.S. OMG ouchie about hub's poor foot! You should see what happened to my hubby's hand a couple of months ago playing softball. His fingertip is STILL purple and his fingernail totally fell off - GROSS!)

Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art said...

ha! like the time my 2-yr-old asked me what a virgin was (thank you very much Silent Night). Pretty much threw me for a loop. I was shocked with my cool response though--"a women who's body isn't ready to have a baby yet."

rachelle @ said...

Haha!! Yesterday my 2 year old asked me how her baby sister got into my tummy. Hmmmm. I was not prepared for this, but she was satisfied when I told her that she started off as a teeny tiny seed. Until next time...