Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Taya, On Bee-a, On Rudus with your red nose!

Oh yeah those are some original reindeer names! And Maddie wonders why we vetoed her decision to name the new baby. 


Yesterday I stumbled upon these adorable reindeer cards at Made By Joel and fell in love! Are they not adorable or what? Well cards weren't really in our plans but I thought they would make a cute decoration for Maddie to make.

After lunch I set Mad up with a stack of precut reindeer and her favorite markers. I printed the deer out on cardstock but they didn't want to stand up very well on their own so yes there is a reason that I left a fifth leg on each of them (see below).

Of course coloring reindeer is no easy task and each one needed it's own special touch!

Once Maddie was satisfied with her creations I took over with the glitter and glue, of course under her direct supervision! 

Now the fifth leg comes into play. To help the reindeer stay standing I folded the fifth leg under and affixed it with a small piece of tape. As Maddie would say- easy peasy.

We are little shy on the 8 (or 9 if you count Rudus) reindeer needed to pull Santa's sleigh but my little elf was only so interested!

Of course now my living room will be covered in the evil glitter what with Maddie dancing around the living room with her reindeer but I suppose it's part of the holiday magic!


Heather Joy Jones said...

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Joel Henriques said...

These are awesome! Very good idea with the belly strap! Mine were standing up fine on most surfaces, but on my glass coffee table and hard wood floors, they would slip a little. I'll have to try this! Kind of looks like part of the harness rigging for the sleigh!

AmyLee said...

oh my gosh those are so cool! i totally did not get the whole antlers part at first, but now i see that it is freaking rad.