Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chalk it up to fun

While browsing through Target this past weekend Maddie spied this Crayola Chalk Maker kit on a clearance end cap and with a $4 price tag I certainly couldn't say no! 

I will admit I was a bit skeptical on if the kit would actually work but with simple and clear kid-friendly directions Maddie and I set to work yesterday afternoon. The directions instruct to mix 5 capfuls of water with the powdered chalk mix but I skipped that step and figured out exactly how much 5 capfuls of water was (1 ounce) which made the mixing and pouring step go a bit quicker.

As I filled the bottles Maddie danced around the backyard shaking them up! 

 The directions state that you must work quickly which is definitely true! Maddie had a nice little system though and she loved mixing and matching the colors in the bug molds.

The chalk mixture starts to firm up rather quickly so we were able to easily layer colors without having the mix together too much.

We allowed the chalk to harden and dry for about an hour and they easily popped out of the molds.

Squeee! Are these little guys not the cutest little chalk bugs ever?!

Maddie of course couldn't wait to start working on a chalk mural.

If your local Target still has some kits available I highly recommend them especially at such a great price. I am considering stopping by and picking up another kit to hold for next summer!


Anonymous said...

What a fun activity! I will have to check out Target when we go today :-)

Christina said...

That is such a cool little kit! The bugs are too adorable. :)