Monday, October 11, 2010

Tot School

We have quite the hodge podge of activities that we did this week.

Maddie spent most of the week working her way through two Highlights Puzzle Buzz magazines. She is a bit obsessed with them too!

We used some adorable owl stickers to make some pattern strips.

We took a family field trip to the Nauticus museum in downtown Norfolk, VA.

Maddie enjoyed sorting sunflower stickers by size.

We practiced writing and tracing color words with a paintbrush of water on our chalk board. I saw this activity on another blog- if it was you let me know - it was Michelle! Maddie spent the rest of the week painting with water on the chalk board too!

I finally had a chance to finish prepping these adorable Halloween printable dolls that I found at the Idea Room. Instead of putting them on a cookie sheet like last year I opted for the back of our front door. 

Maddie did a fantastic job stitching an adorable foam ghost kit from AC Moore.

Maddie spent an entire afternoon with a stack of magazines and scissors working on a collage of pictures. What a wonderful break time for me!

After seeing this great craft project on Superheroes and Princesses I knew it would be a great rainy day activity of Mad too.

Maddie enjoyed some fun M&M graphing too!

I told you we had quite a variety of activities for the week!


Together We Save said...

Looks like she has a great time with all the crafts you find for her! How fun!!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for sharing! Great week and thanks too for sharing the printables! Kerri

Michelle said...

What a great week!!! We did the chalk board water tracing too after seeing it on Kingdom First Homeschool

Francesca said...

This is so cool! I am very happy that you have a very fab and close knit family. As much as possible I make it a point to spend time with my kids and my husband- our bonding moments! Maybe you can give me tips or new fun activity ideas for my family to share, I would really appreciate it :)