Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hooplah

Whew. We have had quite a busy week with trips to the zoo, library and Virginia Living Museum. Of course we had to squeeze some crafty Halloween fun in too!
After singing the 5 Little Pumpkins song (over and over and over again) Maddie used some popsicle sticks and pumpkin stickers to put her 5 little pumpkins on a gate... well sort of a fence but still.

Maddie received lots of Halloween cards in the mail from family this year and we chose one to chop up into puzzle pieces for Maddie to reconstruct with glue and construction paper.

I am pretty sure Maddie's FAVORITE activity this week was counting candy corn. I made a quick little counting mat with some card stock and stickers and then Maddie and I took turns rolling the dice and counting out the correct number of candy corn. Of course she thought she got to eat all 36 pieces. Umm no. Instead after we finished counting all the candy corn on the mat she got to roll the dice 3 more times and eat that many. Thank goodness it wasn't 3 sixes!

Maddie had fun constructing a mummy from an oatmeal box a la Superheroes and Princesses. Please forgive the horribly out of focus picture! And if you haven't tried BetterOats oatmeal you are seriously missing out. Just saying.

The Fall tree collage is probably my favorite from the week. I love looking at the sun streaming through! 

While I spent an afternoon chopping veggies Maddie painted a paper plate and then added googly eyes and pipe cleaner spider legs. Of course we painted it purple and added blue legs, which clearly means I wasn't really prepared for this project!

Last weekend I cleaned and carved Maddie's first pumpkin (yes there will be a second, the first molded!) and then I dropped the cleaned pumpkin seeds into some vinegar and food coloring. See I assumed I could skip the drying part and put the wet seeds in the vinegar which I guess wasn't the best idea because the color barely worked. Oh well. Maddie still had fun turning her slightly colored pumpkin seeds into a monster collage!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Very cool idea to dye the pumpkin seeds! Kerri

Smita Srivastava said...

What great ideas !!! Adorable

(fun food ideas for kids )

Jackie H. said...

I never thought to color pumpkin seeds. I don't like to eat them so I just pitched them. I guess I'll have to try that next year.