Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tot School: Ice Cream

{Maddie is currently 49 months}

Tot School

I think Maddie enjoys sticking to a theme just as much as I do when it comes to our school work! As we head to the end of the summer we decided on an ice cream theme for this week.

Maddie set up an ice cream shoppe with her Play Doh. Oh how I hate cleaning up Play Doh but she LOVES it!

We used our wooden letters to practice spelling out some ice cream themed words.
{This is one of the activities in a small pouch that is available for Maddie to use whenever she wants}

Maddie used crayons, glue and glitter to make her own ice cream cone.

The file folder matching game was a big hit. Maddie was so proud that she knew both the upper and lower case letters.

This was Maddie's first dot-to-dot page and it was a big hit.

We pulled out the big foam dice and took turns making our ice cream cone with the correct amount of scoops.

Maddie scooped pom-pom ice cream scoops onto her math mat.

We also worked on some ice cream cone patterns.
{Patterns are one of Maddie favorites lately}

We are also planning a field trip to Doumar's Cones & Barbecue this weekend- the home of the first waffle cone!

Printables from this week:
Ice cream alphabet dot to dot {Early Childhood Themes}
I is for Ice cream printing practice {Early Childhood Themes}
Upper to lower and lower to lowercase file folder game {Early Childhood Themes}

Books we read this week:
Ice Cream The Full Scoop {Gail Gibbons}
Beginning to End Milk to Ice Cream {Julie Murray}


Christy said...

Fun theme! I love Gail Gibbons books.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks so much for sharing the dot to dot printables! My little one enjoys them. Thanks! Kerri

The Activity Mom said...

What a fun theme! B would love the ice cream cone letter matching. We just played a fun ice cream cone game. I will be posting about it in a few weeks but if you want the directions and printable now so you can use it with your theme, email me.

Giggly Girls said...

Fun theme! We did an icecream shop sensory bin a few weeks back but I never thought about an entire icecream theme. Awesome!

Kristen said...

I know some people find themes stifling, but I prefer to have one myself, something to keep the week more cohesive, and I find it easier to plan for as well.

All of your activities are great, but I especially like rolling the big dice and constructing your ice cream cone.