Friday, August 27, 2010

My Crafty Space

As of yesterday we have lived in our new house 1 month {crazy!} and of course I am already rearranging. When we moved in I claimed one of the giant shelved closets upstairs for all my crafty stuff but that got old quickly. I don't do any crafting upstairs which meant dragging stuff downstairs multiple times a day- not the best plan.

Last week I decided to rearrange and stake my claim on one of our downstairs closets. Unfortunately the new closet is not nearly as large and really doesn't have any shelving. Yikes. No fear though, I managed. I wasn't able to move all of my craft supplies downstairs but all my frequently used supplies and everything we use for Tot School is now downstairs.

The only shelving already in the closet was the little white wire shelf on the wall. I tossed in a tiered plastic shelf from my old pantry to help organize a bit more.

I am a label and organize addict. My plastic containers are from IKEA, Target Dollar Spot and Walmart. I also have some larger containers meant for holding cereal that have felt, tissue paper and pipe cleaners in them.

School supplies is super cheap right now so I picked up 5 clear pencil pouches to hold quick-easy grab Tot School activities.

This rack from IKEA used to be in the playroom {until someone took markers to the wall} but I claimed it for the crafts this time. Now I have scissors, Sharpies and paint brushes handy!

The Dollar Store is another great place to grab organizing containers. I have my glue, glitters and different paints organized in their own totes.

I tiered paper organizer is super handy for all the different styles of paper I keep on hand.

Yikes I know. These bins were also from the Target Dollar Spot. They both contain an array of Tot School materials and packaged craft kits.

The closet isn't as organized as I would like but its working!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great space! I love your small boxes! I cleaned up my craft cabinet yesterday.. I need to buy some more bins and stuff but its definitely improved!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Looks great! I have got to get to the store and stock up on the school supply deals!