Thursday, August 12, 2010

House Tour Part 3

I have finished {sort of} decorating the house and putting it back together. I certainly won't be showing you my pantry or closets though! So on with the show!

Here is our lovely master bedroom. I LOVE our bedroom furniture and LOVE all the white. It is by far my favorite place to be and not just because of the big ole comfy bed or anything... well kinda. Forgive my bed making skills too, nothing perfect. Oh yeah and I can't help the mountain of pillows - we are pillow people.

If you haven't noticed yet we have this sort of Navy and beach theme going on in most of the house. Hence the the giant boat picture above my dresser- it may actually be some sort of Naval battle not sure though. We found the shutters at The Christmas Tree Shoppe super cheap.

To be honest our house is about 90% beach and Navy and 10% techy nerd stuff. Don't you just adore my robots! The piece of coral is from HomeGoods- oh how I LOVE HomeGoods! And the paper balls and display case are both from TJ Maxx.

Hubby ordered me these adorable robot prints for my birthday from Volume Twenty Five on Etsy. They are printed on canvas and absolutely beautiful!

Here is a sneak peek of our living room from the upstairs.

Down the stairs we go. When we switched the office to a playroom hubby lost a place to put up his many, MANY Navy awards and what not so we have quite a few of them hanging in the stairway. We also have a lovely display of Star Wars Mr Potato Heads. You don't have a Mr Potato Head display? Odd.

And the living room. Not officially finished but close enough for now. I want to pick up one more package of vinyl flowers for behind the couch still.

Hubby will be building a new tv stand to match the coffee and end tables he made so I haven't decorated much on this wall yet.

This is the other half of the living room that according to the floor plans should be a dining room. Instead we opted to use this area as a little office slash sewing area. Its a bit crowded and busy but it works for us.

Isn't the bed I made for Milo uber cute?! I love it and so does he. The lamp was a steal for $11 at TJ Maxx. The flower vinyls are from AC Moore but we still need to pick up one more package of them.

That's it folks. It feels like home now. I still have a little bit more to do here and there but it works for now!


Suzanne said...

That's where E's I Love Me wall is too! I pray our houses always have lots of big empty wall space in the stairwells.

I love all the wall decals too.

Lindsay said...

Love it! Thanks for the tour! I love all of the vinyl and cracked up about the potato heads :-P

Morgan said...

I love the white in y'all's bedroom. It looks so fresh and inviting. The house is coming along great. (I'm also going to look into those robot prints. They're too cute and my daughter loves them!!)