Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feels so good

It does!

I finally had a chance to break out my paints and get a little crafting done this week! Before we moved I ordered two different vinyl subway art decals from Domestic Girls and I have been itching to finish them.

While watching the new show Covert Affairs off of Hulu I kept my fingers busy painting away!

I did use painters tape initially but it didn't work so well so scrapped it and free handed my lines. No they are not straight but I am okay with that.

Next up was the vinyl. Can I just say how in love I am with vinyl decals! I have used a few different designs and brands throughout our new home and I am in love with each and every one. This Summer Subway Art vinyl is just adorable! I also ordered the 4th of July one from Domestic Girls but haven't had a chance to work on it yet.

I am thrilled with the outcome! I love the bright colors!


Lanie said...

Very cute! Such a simple project with a great outcome!

Sandy said...

I love it!

Cassie said...

That is so bright and pretty!

Suzanne said...

That's adorable! I am totally copying you and making something for the new baby's room.

Anonymous said...

soo cute!! Love the colors!

Morgan said...

Very cute!! You're so crafty :o)