Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am not a video gamer but my hubby is for sure. In fact he has a whole blog dedicated to all things video games, Star Wars and techy stuff. We have the kinda house full to the brim with technology. Wireless Internet throughout the house, check. Big screen TV, check. XBox360, check. Wii, check. Really the list goes on and on. For the most part the only part I particularly care about is my beloved Internet....

When a new Lego video game comes out I may kinda, sorta go a little bit crazy.

I got hooked years ago when hubby play Lego Star Wars The Original Trilogy. He enjoyed the game and I LOVED it!

Since then I have also play Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures, Lego Indiana Jones The Adventure Continues, Lego Rock Band (okay not exactly the same as the rest but I still played it), Lego Batman and now LEGO HARRY POTTER!!!

I was so excited to see there was a new Lego game coming out months ago but then I realized it was coming out during our super busy, super stressful move time and I wouldn't be playing. Cue sad face because I certainly had one.

Now that we are settled into the new house hubby restarted our subscription to GameFly (similar to Netflix but for video games) and that means its finally Lego time!

Of course the first games that arrived was Harry Potter so I have been frantically playing and funny enough Madison is demanding I play so she can watch. I don't know what it is about the Lego games I love so much but I desperately do! I think it has to do with the lovely sound of breaking Legos and the tinkling noise as I ring up coins! I will fully admit though that I have this need to play the games all the way through and accomplish every single achievement. My gamer score {yes I have one and yes I know what it is} is solely based on Lego games!

Of course this now means that we will have to have a Harry Potter marathon in the next few weeks though!

So you know now my dirty little secret. Do you have a secret obsession? Twilight lover? Yeah I am one of those too!


Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Love it! I have be wanting to try this one out. We have a game obsession and a Harry Potter one over here. :)

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

above (be=been), whoopsies. :)