Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some More S'Mores Please!

Okay, okay! I know I said I was done posting until we arrived in Virginia but of course I can't stay away.

We had a wonderful evening with the parental units last night and I took some wonderful pictures so here I am!

A game of marbles anyone?

What about S'MORES? Madison refused to eat s'mores last year but certainly enjoyed them this year! And what's better than a s'more? A super awesome hubby who roasts all the marshmallows for you! Yeah I know I am super lucky to have one of those! hehe

And of course the customary glow sticks!

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Anonymous said...

How fun! What marble game is that pictured here? My in--laws are part of KOA's campers club and they play lots of games. 1 game a man made is called "Murder" which is a marble game. The board game is a hexagon shape with the marble holes around the edges, but at each "station" are holes in a "7" shape. The goal is to get around the board without someone sending you back to the beginning and try to get your marbles in the "7" shaped "home". It's a fun game, but since the board is made of wood, it can't be folded up to store easily and travel with. I've been tempted to cut it in 1/2 and add hinges, but I don't like power tools!

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