Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Firework Centerpiece

This project was quite learning experience for me!

Spray glue and glitter don't go together well, at least for me.
Tape works so much better than glue.
Stickers don't stick on glitter, go figure.

With that said I am thrilled with how our fireworks came out!
This would be a fantastic project for the 4th of July!

Start with a toilet paper tube - we sprayed it with glue and added glitter. Ugh. If you are going to go the glitter route I would suggest just painting on good ole' Elmer's White School Glue. Then your fingers probably won't have glitter permanently stuck to them. Or you could use markers, crayons or paint and decorate away!

Next step - construction paper strips and star stickers! Of course you could skip the stickers and go straight for the glitter!

Now things got a bit tricky for me. I started off gluing each strip inside the tube and that wasn't working very well so I decided to line all the strips up a little wonky and tape them all together. Then I added a bit of glue to the tape, rolled it up and stuck it in the tube!

I am sure you will be much smarter than me on this one too and not roll it so all the stickers are facing down. Ugh. So we had to go back and add stickers to the other side of the strips too!

The USA letter stickers aren't really sticking but they still look great!

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