Saturday, April 17, 2010

Painting the house blue

Not the whole house just yet but I may have a growing problem with spray paint.

I have lurked on tons of blogs and seen some amazing transformations made with a can of spray paint and always thought 'hey I could do that' but never would. Well I finally jumped in feet first and have been spray paint crazy since. There is a bit of a problem though - I only bought two colors! So I am on a bit of a break at the moment trying to decide which color I want to buy next.

And hop on over to The Craft Monkey and check out this AMAZING paint/Mod Podge project that I am working on replicating!


G-Zell said...

I LOVE blue! Beautiful choice, they are both lovely!

Our Little Family said...

Ummm, come to California!! I, too, am TOTALLY in a spray paint mood. I've gone with heirloom white and candy apple green. I spray EVERYTHING! Lol!! It's so much fun, so cheap and just totally breathes new life into things!

Seriously, can't you guys come out for a visit?! Ha! The Maddies can play and we can spray! :)

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

aw, thanks for the sweet shout out! I have been spray painting A LOT of stuff blue {& orange} lately too! hope to have pictures soon if I ever get around to blogging again! LOL