Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nature Girl

A la Sid the Science Kid Madison went on a little nature adventure this afternoon.

Armed with her trusty magnifying glass, egg carton nature box, crayons and nature book Maddie set to work inspecting the backyard.

Respecting nature to the utmost she of course didn't tear out grass, pick leaves or pluck the newborn bleeding hearts from my bushes.

Yes she did.

After she filled her nature box, Madison took the time to draw each and every item inside. Dandelions are blue right?

Has the weather warmed up where you are? What are your favorite things to do outside?


Me & Marie said...

Love the nature box idea! What a great way to enjoy the Spring!

Christy said...

Fun! We are enjoying the nice weather too. Unfortunately, rain is coming!

Anonymous said...

So fun! We just planted some flowers today :-)

Mandy said...

Fun! We are enjoying the weather too. We went on a Spring Scavenger Hunt!