Sunday, February 7, 2010

Preschool Update

Miss Madison has been a preschool kiddo for two weeks! I am going to say she loves it but truthfully I have no clue. She pretty much refuses to talk about it! Occasionally I hear little bits but she always tells me after class "I will tell you about school tomorrow" and in our house tomorrow never comes!

She does seem to like though. Her teachers (yes teachers, she has FOUR) say that she is doing very well and she gets uber excited every Tuesday and Thursday when it is time for school.

Preschool started off on a good note with her too- her first day was Hot Cocoa Day and they had hot cocoa for snack and made a hot cocoa art project! I did hear a bit about this past Tuesday though because they learned a song all about groundhogs and she was eager to sing it allllllll day long.

She seems to have made quite a few friends too, although I don't think any of them actually know her name. Every day someone calls her Alison, Mackenzie or Madelyn. You know how three year olds can be!

Mom, mom there is a new girl in class! Yeah? What's her name? Ummm..... her name is Mashfkjsghswguh. Oh Madelyn? Uhhh yeah Madelyn!

I think she is most excited about her upcoming Valentine's Day party though! We are making some homemade pink glittery playdough for her classmates next week and she has been talking about for a while now.

All in all I think preschool is a good fit for Madison and me! I am loving my mommy time!


Christina said...

I'm so glad it's going so well for both of you!

Georgine said...

B doesn't talk much about school. She will tell me what they had for a snack when I ask. Otherwise, nothing. Oh, if I ask if she participated (like in spanish or music) she will tell me yes or no. As long as she doesn't fight you to go, she must like it! Please post about glittery playdoh.

Fiona said...

Sounds like it is going well. My little girl has just started pre school and seems to enjoy it as she always looks happy to go but she doesn't say much about it really.

Christy said...

None of my three children have ever been big talkers about what they do at school. It can be frustrating! I'm glad she is doing well.

Kelly said...

What is up with not telling us about their day?! My son is the same way. Sometimes he'll go along with, "I'll tell you one thing I did today, if you tell me one thing you did today". Also, sometimes at bedtime he'll talk about his day.