Saturday, February 6, 2010

Felt Foodie Part 2

I am obsessed! I have had so much fun making felt food! I raided my cupboards for inspiration and came up with these!



Chocolate chip cookies and milk (not felt!)

I also made these Chocolate Chocolate Chip counting cookies for a friend's little boy!

Said friend is also a sushi lover (I am not) so I tried my hand at sushi with the tutorial found at Hoogli Art!


Anonymous said...


I love your pop tarts, they are super cute. And the counting cookies are such a great idea. hmmm now you have me thinking...I think I am going to have to make counting hearts for next week.

Suzanne said...

We LOVE the felt food you gave us, especially the carrot and the cookies. Baby Evan pretends to "feed" them to me and laughs his butt off. Your crafting skills are amazing!

Jamie said...

I love seeing all the felt food that you make! I'm going to try making some someday. :-)