Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sarah is Coming Over

When I was younger I had two imaginary friends. Gladys was the good girl that my parents tolerated, but Frankie was not so good. He used to push me out of my chair at dinner and spill my milk. Frankie and Gladys both lived under my mom's ironing board. {I was an only child until I turned 6}

Sarah is Madison's imaginary friend and sometimes Madison says Sarah is her sister. Yesterday the Sarah talk was in full force. When Madison woke up she told me it was Sarah's birthday and she was going to come over for a party. This is the rest of the Sarah talk for the day:

She likes dirty underwear. (I told Madison to put on clean underwear and she didn't think Sarah would approve- mommy won though)

She loves Cinderella and Snow White.

We need to put up balloons and decorations for Sarah's birthday party.

Sarah is turning 6 today.

She wants to try our breakfast muffins.

She is going to have dinner at our house and she loves tomatoes lots of vegetables, like ME!

Sarah has a cat named Tracy but no puppies because she is coming over to see our dog Milo.

Sarah has a mommy and daddy that are going to bring her to our house.

Sarah has yellow hair like me.

We need to make Sarah a birthday cake in your kitchen mom, with strawberries and sprinkles. a REAL cake!

The day went on and on and Madison talked about Sarah nonstop. She has mentioned Sarah before but yesterday was by far the most I have ever heard about her. I felt bad at the end of the day when we go home from the store and according to Madison Sarah still had not arrived for her birthday party. I ended up telling Madison that Sarah had a cold and wasn't going to make it over but I have a feeling Sarah is going to be around for a while!


Debbie said...

Yay for imaginary friends! What a cute conversation/story from your daughter!

Michelle said...

How cute you must have had so much fun listening to her. It is the cutest when they play like that.

my pretend friend was called Kamie and my mom used to let me set a place for her at the table. Now that I think about it that was really nice of her considering I was the oldest of 5 kids and it was pretty tight at our kitchen table!! I can't wait to see if Emily has a pretend friend too!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is pretty amazing! I had lots of pretend brothers and sisters, but I was way older then. Madison has a pretty rich and very detailed fantasy world.

Our Little Family said...

Awww! The mark of high intelligence IS having an imaginary friend as a child! :)

What a cutie!