Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Moolah For Next Year!

Have you heard of Swagbucks? I started a few months ago by opening an account and downloading the Swagbucks toolbar. Simple, easy, nothing to it.

Search & Win

Since then by carrying on with my regular interwebs browsing I have earned enough SwagBucks to order 6 gift cards and 3 PayPal gift cards!

I initially started using my SwagBucks towards cards but then I fell in love with Etsy so my SwagBucks now go towards PayPal gift cards to earn me a little extra Etsy cash!

The SwagBucks toolbar is powered by Google so by searching your every day things {how to sew a wine pouch, best enchilada recipes, Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie} you earn SwagBucks! Then you can visit the SwagStore and use your SwagBucks towards prizes and GIFT CARDS!

There are a few ways to earn SwagBucks too! You can earn even more SwagBucks by sharing your luck with your friends and having them sign up under you! How awesome would it be to be able to Christmas shop next year without actually spending any money? I say, awesome!

SwagBucks offers banners to add to your blog and Facebook page to promote your SwagBucks account and make it even easier for your friends to sign up too!

There is also a Shop&Earn feature on SwagBucks. Basically you stop by SwagBucks before you buy something online and see if the online store you are planning on using is in partnership with SwagBucks and if it is you can earn SwagBucks for your purchase! Hubby bought a PS3 a few months ago through which is a partner with SwagBucks so we earned 1 SwagBuck for every $5 we spent at!

We also recycled our old cell phones and a few video games with the TradeIn feature and earned SwagBucks that way too!

Only one SwagBucks account per household is allowed BUT everyone in your house can use the same account leading to more SwagBucks! The SwagBucks toolbar is downloaded on every computer in our house and hubby and I both use the account that is in my name to earn our Bucks!

I held off on mentioning SwagBucks here on Funny Days until I was actually convinced that it was worth it. I am convinced - it's worth it {and FREE}! No scams or gimmicks, searching = free stuff!


Jamie said...

I'm going to try it out, thanks!

The Activity Mom said...

I've always wondered about this! I'm going to give it a try too. How do I sign up so that it gives you credit?

Jamie said...

I signed up, but I am a little confused. So you earn swagbucks and then you use those to enter for a chance to win a gift card or whatever you are after? Or is there I way to just redeem your swagbucks for a gift card?